“Xirli Trips are full of adventure & Fun , in that air and on the ground..”

Xirli organised my 1st flying visit in July’16. I was amazed by the whole organisation from airport to airport. Weather breifing was clear, amazing flight with his friends in Ager 36km with a timely and spot on retrieve. Followed by a great time at the pool, a walking tour in the old village and a tasty dinner. He is a competent Pilot & knowledgable of the area. His passion and energy about flying and life is radiating.

I came again in Aug and I was able to fly in Berga and Organya during a 2 days trip. Amazing 2 sites and memorable flights. i like the way the trip can be customised to how i want it and how we can use the time the best way. We were able to see the town, try lots of tasty food . I felt like home with friends whereever we go.

Both trips were special , much more than the flying. He’s very generous with his time and knowledge and keeps the satisfaction of his customers at the Top of the list.

If you are intending to get the best of your time and enjoy flying, live like a local and be cheerful all the time, He’s the Man.

I’ll be back again for a longer duration

Faisal Kahn

Casablanca (Morocco)

I can vouch for Xirli!
My wife and I went with him to Ager this past Tuesday (May 2016) and had an awesome day, with eleven flights and about 4.5 hours between us — he picked us up early in a nice truck with a refrigrerator of cold beer and snacks, drove us all the way up there, and shuttled like a maniac. The flying was great — light morning, thermal mid-day, then windy, then a bit broken up, then glass-off. With ceilings at 2000m and climbs of max 3-4m/s it wasn’t epic XC conditions, but totally doable for someone committed, and really pleasant for less experienced thermal pilots. On a 3000m day it would be incredible to head north from there towards the Pyrenees.
I’d highly recommend Ager as a destination for all levels (my P2 wife had a great time practicing light thermalling and the LZ is huge and easy. Xirli really had it set up — emailed me the night before with NOAA, skew-T’s, some waypoint and map info for XC attempts, and so on — he knows every little nook and cranny of Catalonia. Would highly recommend hiring him if you want an XC guide.

Morgan Venable

San Francisco (USA)

If you fly with xirli you will be flying a lot at the best sites in Catalunya, totally recommended

Ben Empson

United Kingdom

Ein sehr sympatischer Typ, der sich mit Leidenschaft einsetzt! Sehr zu empfehlen…

Stefu Wälchli


Best choice if you want to have a nice paragliding experience near Barcelona!

When you don’t want to waste your time and have a successful flying experience near Barcelona Flywithxirli is the way to go!!
He always analyzes all the possible options and gets you to the location with the best flying conditions for the day

Edu Masa

Xirli is an excellent local guide in Catalonia for new and experienced pilots, he knows all the local sites and pilots, plus he is an absolute wizard when it comes to reading weather conditions and predicting which sites will be flyable at a certain time of the day. He was very hospitable, kind, and safety conscious too, so if you are a group of pilots or solo pilot visiting catalonia Xirli’s energy and local expertise will be a priceless addition to your tour.

Sian Elizabeth Davies

London (United Kingdom)

Carles (Xirli) connaît très bien les sites pour le parapente et vous amène là où la température est idéale pour le saut. Il offre le service complet! Transport, guide dans la ville et saut! Un homme passionné par son sport qui vous le transmettra à coup sûr! Une expérience INCROYABLE! De plus il parle bien anglais! C’est parfait!

Dalianne Charbonneau

Trois-Rivieres (Canadá)

Had a days flying with the most enthusiastic friendly guide. Very reasonable rates with expert local knowledge, i’m going back early next year! Recommended.

Nick Piner

Chichester (United Kingdom)

Mi experiencia con Xirli fue de 5 no 100 estrellitas …nos llevo a lugar espectacular, Organyà, del cual además de disfrutar de mi primera experiencia en parapente el día no pudo ser mas divertido y acojedor por parte de todos los profesionales que formaron parte de la increíble experiencia que compartí con mi hermana y el siempre encantador Xirli…!!!!! del cual siempre es un placer tener un ratito con él!!!!

Cristina Cordoba Diez