Hello, my name is “Xirli”, and I look forward to taking you to fly a Ballooning ADAPTED.

But before flying, it is important for me to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable whilst in the air, so you can fully enjoy this wonderful experience..

“You’ll be flying at the very best flying sites around Barcelona, with a personalized plan that suits you and your flying needs”.

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ADAPTED Ballooning flights for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Don’t limit yourself and live intensely!


Enjoy adapted aerial activities.

We have baskets with a door, which make it accessible to everyone.

In addition, we have two chairs approved for civil aviation so that people with reduced mobility can fly. They have to transfer their wheelchair to the seat inside the basket.

fly with xirli adapted ballooning
fly with xirli adapted ballooning
fly with xirli adapted ballooning

Please read the basic information that you will find in the following Ballooning LINK.

Ask me about the price of this activity.

We always like to know the mobility of the passenger before flying, to make sure we have the necessary equipment.

Below you will find the details of the Adapted Ballooning flight.

fly with xirli adapted ballooning

The Adapted Ballooning Flight allows people with any degree of mobility to enjoy the activity.

The only relevant thing is that you have to do the chair transfer. Our car is not adapted. If your mobility allows, you can be seated in the seat of our vehicle.

Please tell me your address in Barcelona, in order to pick you up there.

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Fly with Xirli on Internet: 

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fly with xirli adapted ballooning

Payment amounts and conditions:

Total Ballooning Cost: Payment must be made in advance, using your preferred payment option, to reserve tandem pilots for you.

I also offer you a GIFT-VOUCHER. You can write a personalized message in the  VOUCHER.

Cancellation policy:

If weather conditions are not good enough to do the activity on the agreed day I will propose 2 options:

  • Return your payment to you, or
  • Do it another day.

Otherwise, if weather conditions are good on the agreed day but you can’t do the activity after you make your payment, I will not return your payment because my team and I can’t work for any other client on the day booked by you.

COVID-19: If we can’t make the activity because COVID restrictions I will return your booking.

Payment options:

Option 1: Send money (Euro currency) using PayPal account: xirli@flywithxirli.com
If you use this payment method, you have to bear in mind that PayPal charges different types of commissions depending on the country in which you have created your PayPal account.
That is why I ask you:
In which country have you created your PayPal account?
When I know it I will send you a “PayPal payment request”, including the right PayPal fees on the payment request.

Option 2: Bank transfer (Euro currency):
If you choose this option I will send you the necessary bank details so that you can make the transfer.
Remember to include bank transfer costs on your transfer to me. If you choose that I return your money by bank transfer, the transfer costs will be paid by you.

Please give me your data (Name, Telephone number, Passport number, and your Home Address), in order to send you the invoice when the activity is done.

We are available to answer all of your questions and really look forward to flying with you.

See you soon!

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