"Fly with Xirli" incorporates SAILPANE to its air offer.

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See the link to the latest incorporation: https://www.flywithxirli.com/sailplane/ explaining the activity of sailplaning. 

It is a good proposal to give as a gift 🎁

Fly with Xirli sailplane 019

This is an offer of Sailplane flight prices, for each passenger.

  • 236€  25-Minute flight
  • 275€  45-Minute flight
  • 354€  90-Minute flight

They are cheaper because they are not including the Fly with Xirli accompanying service.

Choose one of 3 flight options:

    • a 25-minute, basic flight
    • a 45-minute, long flight, or
    • a 90-minute, very long flight.

A 25-minute, basic flight: This option is ideal if you want to fly for the first time on a Sailplane.

A 45-minute, long flight: This option is highly recommended for passengers who wish to have more knowledge of this sport or pilots from other disciplines who wish to experience new sensations.

A 90-minute, very long flight: Normally this option is ideal for pilots from other disciplines who want to fly with higher performance.

Fly with Xirli sailplane 019
Fly with Xirli sailplane 025