Flywithxirli fly a modern aircraft

How has #flywithxirli created a business opportunity in the context of COVID-19?

I am going to tell you how the Covid-19 has helped me develop a business opportunity and I hope it can help you:

Confinement has negative consequences for the majority of the population, however, I have used it as an opportunity to expand my commercial offer.

In this sense, I plan to add a new product: “Fly a modern aircraft”. This has been possible thanks to the greater predisposition of my collaborators. In other words, this situation allows us to get in touch with videoconference at home. Thus, meetings in this environment turn out to be more relaxed and relaxed, allowing a more informal, understandable and reflective dialogue.

This form of communication has allowed me to observe 2 situations.

  • The interview occurs in a more familiar setting. An opportunity has been created to empathically connect with my collaborators, in a way that I had not been able to achieve in previous meetings because now the meetings take place in a relaxed and familiar environment. My proposals are better received by the feeling of proximity with my interlocutor, they impact more.
  • The study of the proposal is more in-depth. Decisions are more consensual. The result is that we are preparing a stronger new trade agreement.

Thus, #covid19 has allowed me to put into practice my skills as a “communicator” that otherwise would not have occurred.

Very soon I will be able to announce my first commercial agreement with pilots of last generation ultralight aircraft, consolidating #flywithxirli as the first airline company. You will find more information about me on LinkedIn:

My current goal is to combine my accounting profession and my personal project in a way that allows me to continue fighting to make my dream come true.

So, I encourage you to resume contacts with other companies to build solid common projects.