22 pilots from “Airwave Paragliding klub”, from Denmark, have contracted Fly with Xirli, paragliding accompanying service, for 1 week, in September.

fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93

In this case, I can proudly say that "ALL PILOTS have been able to fly, EVERY DAY, in 2 flight zones".

My work has focused solely on the daily weather forecast, choosing the flight zone to fly each day, and designing a trip, sleeping in more than one flight zone, in order to optimize the trip and so that the pilots know the different zones of flight that there is around Barcelona.

Our daily flight plan has focused on 3 groups of pilots:
– Pilots with little experience have flown first thing in the morning and late in the day.
– Intermediate pilots have also been able to make improvement flights, flying with the first thermal currents, avoiding the flight times with more turbulence.
– The advanced pilots have flown at noon and have been able to perform the XIRLI-TASKS. I prepare the “Xirli-Task” for each paragliding site, and you can download it for your vario.

The XIRLI-TASKS are flight proposals prepared by XIRLI, similar to those carried out in a national paragliding championship. Pilots who cannot complete the task are assured of pick-up on the road closest to the landing point, in case they land outside the established goal.
If you have a LIVETRACK I follow your LIVETRACK , in order to make easy XC-Retrieves, and you will have a guide to the area and be able to make a route adjusted to the weather forecast and your flight level.

fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93
fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93

It is the first time that I manage a large group of paragliding pilots, and I hope it will not be the last time because the fact of distributing my fees does not imply a great increase in the total budget.

The advantage of using this travel format is that the group of pilots has been led by the pilots responsible for the group, who have greatly facilitated my work.

fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93
fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93

Fly with Xirli offers the specialized knowledge in the daily weather forecast, to suggest flying in the best flight zone around Barcelona, according to the different flight levels and your flight expectations. Every morning I check the last weather forecast, and I suggest which area to fly to.

I give them a briefing in each flight zone to explain the characteristics of the place, as well as the danger zones that they have to avoid in order to have a safe flight.


This is our trip schedule according to weather forecasts for that week:

We move to fly in the best conditions. Pick you up at Barcelona airport. 

5 Nights sleeping in Ager, and fly in Ager and Organyà.

1 Night sleeping in Berga area, and fly in Organyà.

1 Night sleeping closed to Barcelona airport, because plane leaves at 7 am, back to Denmark.

fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93
fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93
fly with xirli guiding paragliding pilots 93


With regard to accommodation near the flight areas of Barcelona, I have offered you different options, so that you can choose according to your budget.

  • You rest in 3 different good accommodations near flying sites in Berga, Ager, and Barcelona area.
  • I reserved many double rooms with 2 beds for you. 
  • You can choose between rural rooms or hotel rooms.
  • I adapt your budget to sleep according to your instructions.

Regarding food:

You will eat local quality food. During the trip, I show you restaurants where you will eat quality local food.

I am convinced that “Airwave Paragliding klub” is very satisfied with my service provided.

It has been a great pleasure for me to be able to work for them.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to meet this fun group.

I hope to see you again in the future!