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Hello, my name is “Xirli”, and I look forward to taking you to fly a Paragliding Tandem ADAPTED.

But before flying, it is important for me to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable whilst in the air, so you can fully enjoy this wonderful experience..

“You’ll be flying at the very best flying sites around Barcelona, with a personalized plan that suits you and your flying needs”.

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ADAPTED Paragliding tandem flights for passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Don’t limit yourself and live intensely!


Enjoy adapted aerial activities and feel the freedom to fly like a bird

Prices are the same in both activities.

Below you will find the details of the Adapted Paragliding Tandem flight.

fly with xirli adapted paragliding tandem
fly with xirli adapted paragliding tandem

The Adapted Paragliding Flight allows people with any degree of mobility to enjoy paragliding. We will fly with adapted material suitable for people with physical disabilities who want to enjoy the experience of paragliding. We will fly from ÀGER, between 600 and 1050 meters of elevation gain. Depending on the current conditions we will choose one of the 2 flights suitable for adapted material.

fly with xirli adapted paragliding tandem

This activity is carried out in the mornings and afternoons, avoiding the central hours of the day, where the conditions are stronger and make it difficult to maneuver the adapted chair. We will try to find the thermal ones (ascending air currents caused by the action of the sun), that allow us to make flights of a habitual duration of between 15′-30′.

Fly with xirli adapted paragliding tandem

In terms of disability, we have virtually no limits, but it’s good to know what disability the passenger has, in order to prepare the material properly. We can tie the paraplegics to the chair, so they don’t fall. We can even block the head. ‘.

Take-off access

Transportation to take-off is included in the price of the Flight.

ÀGER has 5 flights. Two of them are accessed by paved road and the rest by forest track. Access is always with our vehicles. In addition to transportation, the driver is also the flight attendant.

The only relevant thing is that you have to do the chair transfer. Our car is not adapted. If your mobility allows, you can be seated in the seat of our vehicle.

Please tell me your address in Barcelona, in order to pick you up there.

fly with xirli car
fly with xirli car
fly with xirli car

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fly with xirli adapted paragliding tandem
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