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Hello, my name is “Xirli”, and I look forward to taking you to fly a Paragliding Tandem.

But before flying, it is important for me to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable whilst in the air, so you can fully enjoy this wonderful experience..

“You’ll be flying at the very best flying sites around Barcelona, with a personalized plan that suits you and your flying needs”.

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Paragliding tandem flights in Barcelona:

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Fly with Xirli offers Paragliding tandem flights to passengers who have never done it before (who will fly in tandem with a pilot).

Do you want to fly in a paragliding tandem safely, with professional knowledge and advice every step of the way?

Fly with Xirli offers a paragliding service to passengers who have never done paragliding before (who will fly in tandem with a pilot).

It includes a highly exclusive tour, which includes a pick-up and drop-off, as well as a thorough brief on take-off and landing before the flight.

Fly With Xirli will take care of you from the moment you are picked up to the moment you return, and will make your paragliding trips uniquely customized.

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Enjoy the experience of paragliding!

A short explanation of the material and what we are going to do, we prepare the equipment and… go flying!

To start the flight you simply take a few steps running down a gentle slope, and without realizing it, you will already be flying. There are no knocks, falls or anything like that.

We will try to find thermals (currents of air caused by solar action), which will allow us to make regular flights, with a duration of 20-30 minutes. It always depends on weather conditions, but we can guarantee a minimum duration, never less than 15 minutes.

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It doesn’t matter if you go alone, or with friends, or with family. I will make sure that you are satisfied and happy. My pilots are professionals,  extremely nice and friendly. Service is focused on safety and quality. We will make you feel safe and comfortable the whole time. Trying to fly with eagles and falcons in the same thermal!! 

The views are amazing. You will have a photo report (highly recommended), which will be delivered through WeTransfer link.

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Are you celebrating a special occasion?


Let me know if the reason for the activity is to celebrate an important date, such as a birthday, anniversary, wedding, etc …

I will prepare a personalized surprise for your celebration.

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This experience is only for people who can survive non-stop HAPPINESS all day long. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try paragliding!!! Even if you are afraid it is something not to miss. I can’t describe the feelings in words…

It’s very nice to share moments with a local friendly person who is showing you much more of his country that you were expecting to see.

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All our flights include basic acrobatic maneuvers such as wingovers, spirals and turns, whenever the passenger wishes. There will be no extra charge for the acrobatic maneuvers. We hope you fully enjoy the experience.

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Who can fly?


We have flown with children of 4 years old and with adults of 77 years old. No prior knowledge is required to fly.

The weight of the passenger must be between 40 and 110 kg.

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You should dress in the following clothes:
Trousers or jeans – Sunglasses – Jacket – Gloves – Boots or outdoor shoes.
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You choose to fly in one of these sites:


BERGA is a flying site 120 km from Barcelona. It’s necessary to drive 1h30 from Barcelona to Berga. 

AGER is a flying site 210 km from Barcelona. It’s necessary to drive 2h15 from Barcelona to Àger. 

I will suggest either Berga or Ager flying site according to the weather forecasts for that day. If you choose Ager destination, we will need to spend 3 hours more to do the activity in Ager than in Berga.


Schedule in the morning or in the afternoon, in Berga:

– I’ll pick you up at an agreed point in Barcelona.

– 1h30 later, we meet my pilots. We will go up to the takeoff. We’ll have to wait for the best breeze to take off.

– 5 hours after I’ve picked you up, we finish the flight activity.

We need 90 minutes to return to the initial meeting point.

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Please tell me your address in Barcelona, in order to pick you up there.

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