Hello, my name is “Xirli”, and I look forward to taking you to fly in a Wind Tunnel ADAPTED.

But before flying, it is important for me to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable whilst in the air, so you can fully enjoy this wonderful experience..

“You’ll be flying at the very best flying sites around Barcelona, with a personalized plan that suits you and your flying needs”.

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Wind tunnel ADAPTED for flyers with disabilities or reduced mobility.

Are you up for it?

fly with xirli wind tunnel adapted

The objective of this initiative is to bring closer and promote the development of the indoor flight adapted for flyers with reduced mobility, physical, organic, and sensory disabilities: visual, physical, Asperger, autistic impairment, down syndrome.

Do you want to fly in a Indoor tunnel ADAPTED tandem safely, with professional knowledge and advice, every step of the way?

fly with xirli wind tunnel adapted

Fly with Xirli offers Indoor Tunnel  ADAPTED flights to passengers who have never done it before.

Prices are the same in both activities.

Living the experience:

Before entering the wind tunnel, the participants receive the necessary equipment: a flight suit, goggles, a helmet, and earplugs. Afterward, an instructor gives them a quick briefing on what to look out for during the flight. In this case, he also shows them some adapted prostheses for flying, which allow people with reduced mobility to experience indoor flying.

fly with xirli wind tunnel adapted

This is a device that supports the users’ legs, helping them to maintain a stable posture during the flight. This stability allows the users to enjoy the activity 100%. What those prostheses do is help people keep their legs stable, straight, and rigid in order to be able to fly correctly as does someone whose limbs are fully functional so there will be no difference between one person and another.

This is a new bet to help people break down the barriers, first in their own minds about what is possible. A small adaptation or a functional aid for you to realize the dream of flying, limited by one disability or another.

The prosthesis for adapted flight allows you to fly since without them it would not be possible for you to enjoy this activity.

Things you should know before making the reservation:

You have to report what type of disability it is, to be prepared, visual, physical, Asperger, autistic impairment, down syndrome. The instructor decides if it is possible to carry out the activity.

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